Phil Mather


Sunny afternoons on the seafront, late night blasts down the by-pass. Laughter, the crackle of exhausts, the thump of the juke box. Misted goggles, frozen faces, numb fingers passing around a cigarette.

Great adventure stuff. Boy meets girl stuff. Farewell to good mates stuff.

Always motorcycles.

At sixteen, Phil Mather hit the road on an old single cylinder Norton with an equally ancient Zeiss Ikon camera strapped around his neck. “I lived just to ride bikes and take photographs.”

That was in the 1960s, and the wheels are still turning - Hunter Thompson, Irving Penn and Danny Lyon have a lot to answer for.

Professional details: Phil Mather has worked both as a photographer and writer for Motorcyclist Illustrated, Bike, Motorcycling Monthly, On Two Wheels, Back Street Heroes, Classic Bike, Classic Bike Guide and Classic Dirt Bike. He has also got deeply technical with a series of workshop manuals for Haynes Publishing.

Images: Most images were originally shot on film but can now be supplied either digitally or as prints.

COPYRIGHT: The photographs on this web site may not be copied, reproduced, stored or used in any other way without prior permission and agreement on terms of use, reproduction rights and appropriate fees. Be good – ask first.

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